Saxon Jensen

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About Me


I work full time as a software engineer, and generally hack around with code in my spare time too!

I studied Pure Mathematics & Computer Science at the University of Western Australia. Before I had even reached my second year of Uni, I had already co-authored a paper at CSIRO on the Automated Analysis of MicroCT Scanned Bread Dough, and interned at Google in Sydnet for 3 months working on Gmail and Google Drive. I also worked as a front-end developer at Gramercy Studios in Perth.

From Google, I went on to study honours at University, then interned at Facebook London where I worked as a front-end developer for some of Facebooks most used ads interfaces. Working at Facebook scale was an awesome experience.

I don’t just work as a software engineer - it’s what I love doing. I’m constantly setting myself personal projects to push myself and learn new things. Most of my projects are centred around web technologies and pushing what we can do in a browser.

Browse some of my work, I’m always posting new stuff up or improving on it.